In the previous period, we were, more than ever, exposed to stress and tension. In addition to everyday obligations and a fast-paced lifestyle, the isolation and social distance we have been facing for more than a year have greatly impacted that.

That is why we decided to make our guests happy and offer both big and small people, something nice, on the occasion of World Wellness Day.

For the youngest, those over 5, we have prepared a free swimming lesson. Our goal is to make them happy, to hope, to animate them for playing sports because movement and play are what our children missed the most during the pandemic.

At the same time, for adults, we organize a free workshop on Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It is a relaxation technique that helps eliminate the negative consequences of stress on the heel as well. It consists of a series of contractions and relaxations of all muscle groups of our body, which achieves relaxation of both body and mind.

09:00 -10: 00 Group I
10:00 – 11:00 Group II

Registration of those interested is mandatory, no later than June 11, 21. since the number of seats is limited.