Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine!

Many crossed Turkish territory and, leaving a little of their culinary heritage, created a real gastronomic fairy tale. The basis of Turkish cuisine lies in the top quality of fruits and vegetables grown in this country.

You will hardly find pork in Turkish cuisine, the most common being chicken, beef and mutton. Of course, since Turkey is surrounded by seas, there is also a rich offer of fish and seafood. In Istanbul, since 1660. there is also the famous Spice Market (Egyptian Bazaar), where you can see and buy spices delivered from all over the world.

One of the most famous Turkish dishes is meatballs, known in our country as meatballs. It is believed that there are almost 300 types of sweaters in Turkey alone. It is no wonder that our menu this month is adorned with the dish: “Köfte çiğ” – grilled lamb meatballs on a base of toasted bread with potatoes. Try it and you will understand why people love them so much.

Sweets are an important part of the Turkish culinary tradition. There is a saying in Turkey, which is the best indicator of how important sweet desserts are a segment of the traditional Turkish table, which reads “We eat sweet, we will talk sweet.” We bring you a traditional Turkish delicacy: Tufahija – an apple stuffed with nuts in syrup.

Finally, complete this gastronomic fairy tale with the wine of the “Despotika” winery and warm up a little more this November month.

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