Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Italian cuisine!

Italian cuisine is so popular and loved that you will hardly find a person who does not like it or has not tried at least one Italian dish. A large number of different ingredients are used in this cuisine, and the most common are fruits, vegetables, sauces and meat. Pasta dishes, as well as polenta and risotto are also very popular dishes. Italian pasta is usually cooked “al dente”, which in translation means “to the tooth” (not to be overcooked, i.e. not to be too soft but firm under the teeth). Italians like their ingredients to be fresh and their dishes well seasoned.

Various civilizations have left their mark on this territory, including in the kitchen itself. However, dishes that consist of pasta with tomatoes in some form and various types of meat – are widespread throughout Italy. You can find one such traditional Italian dish in our menu: STEAK FIORENTINO – Specially marinated beef shoulder steak with deep-fried gnocchi, seasoned with sun-dried tomatoes and olives.

When it comes to Italian sweets, Panna Cotta plays the main role. It is delicious in different combinations, and you can order it in our restaurant with carefully selected wild mint.

Italy produces the largest amount of wine in the world and is the largest exporter and consumer of wine. With a glass of wine and a conversation, Italians fully dedicate themselves to enjoying the taste of every part of the meal. In honor of that, don’t forget to round off your Italian meal with at least one glass of wine and a good mood. This month, we recommend the wines of the Temet winery for a perfect and completely Italian gourmet experience.

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