Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional French cuisine!

French cuisine will not leave you indifferent. Some call it the land of champagne, some the land of wine and cheese, but it is safe to say that this country is the land of excellent and varied food.

The French devote a lot of time to food and every meal is not just a meal, but an opportunity for company and nice chat with friends. Tucked between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, France is rich in a variety of foods. Fish is often eaten, but other meats in combination with different vegetables are equally represented. The dishes are mostly served in smaller portions, but they are extremely rich and caloric.

Burgundy beef is exactly a typical French dish – full of flavor and high in calories. This dish is not one of those that can be prepared in a hurry, just as the French are not a people who are close to the phrase “I’ll eat something off my feet”. We have given it a lot of attention, and all you have to do is order it and enjoy it.

In France, wine is considered a food product and must be drunk with a meal. Don’t spoil the tradition and complete this French gourmet experience by drinking good wine. This month, we have selected the Kovačević winery for you, which won the hearts of many consumers with the quality of its wine.

Leave the sweetest for last and order the “Mille fauille” dessert – a dessert of crispy puff pastry and vanilla cream with fresh seasonal fruit.

We are waiting for you!