Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine!

The first associations to Spain were a good time for many, cheerful and cordial people, a lot of wine and music. What we must not forget when talking about Spain is Spanish cuisine. Very colorful, rich in various ingredients and aromas – it is a real explosion of taste!

Meat is represented in many specialties – mainly pork and cured meat products, fish, various vegetables and a lot of olive oil. Just one such dish is Seville Cutlets – Pork Cutlets with Gnocchi and Dried Tomatoes.

How important the meal itself is to the Spaniards is also shown by one of their famous sayings that “food comes immediately after the dear God”.

Almost every region of this beautiful country is characterized by some vegetable or national specialty, and wine is a drink that will always and happily toast.

Our winery of the month – Radovanović winery offers wines ideal for marking memorable moments and completing a perfect Spanish dinner.

For the end of this Spanish gourmet experience – sweeten up with a dessert that, according to stories, dates back to the fourteenth century! It is the famous Catalan cream – homemade cream with pistachios.
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