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September with Turkish hospitality

Discount 20%

-“Gold of Anatolia” – relaxing oil massage with an irresistible golden glow / 50′
4600rsd with a discount of 3680rsd

-“Mystical Ephesus” – mini facial with oxygen / 20′
2000rsd with a discount of 1600rsd

-“Unreal Pamukale” – body treatment with black tea and cotton / 70′
5000rsd with a discount of 4000rsd


THE GOLD OF ANATOLIA – a mild, pleasant massage with almond oil with a golden glow that has a soothing effect. It is recommended as a natural remedy against stress caused by everyday worries and pressures. It is especially useful for people whose profession requires great intellectual efforts, because it contributes to better memory. After the massage, you will be rested with new energy and your skin will be bathed in a fine golden glow.

THE MYSTIC OF EPHESUS – this mini facial treatment will increase the concentration of oxygen inside the cells, which will restore energy, vitality and fullness to the skin. It is suitable for people with tired skin who spend a lot of time working indoors. Let us restore your skin’s natural glow.

UNREAL Pamukale – refresh your body and skin with an unreal combination of black tea and cotton. Both preparations are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which together hydrate, increase elasticity and fight against free radicals. The treatment is recommended for people with mature, dry and sensitive skin. May your skin be as soft as cotton.