The new page in the Wine calendar of Vip Casa Club Zlatibor, from September 1, presents a new combination of the highest quality wines and perfect tastes, which push the boundaries of good cuisine.

The chameleon takes you to a land of long tradition and rich culture. Without packaging and passports, set off for Turkey, through tastes and experiences woven from the finest ingredients and spiced with a lot of love. Chameleon cuisine, unique and above all irresistible, represents specialties that have served the rest of Europe as inspiration for creating flavors, which we are happy to invite to the table today.

In order for the experience to be complete, we left the month of September to Dalvina Winery, the host who will take you through the aromas of the highest quality types of wine, created in the valleys of the rivers Struma and Strumešnica. Many years of experience and controlled geographical origin guarantee that you will enjoy every sip of wine and every memory you create.

Reservations at special prices can be made only through the reception (+381 64 84 37 570).