Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine!

The richness of the Atlantic Ocean is crucial for Portuguese cuisine: all types of fish are represented – from sardines to various shellfish, freshwater crabs, and oysters.

Thanks to the use of newly discovered spices and products in combination with local, Portuguese cuisine is a real gourmet delight accompanied by a variety of flavors.

The Portuguese national dish is bacalhau – dried cod. This fact was the inspiration for our chef, who can prepare “Sea bass Portuguese” – grilled cod with potatoes and spinach.

A significant contribution to the richness of Portuguese cuisine is given by the domestic production of corn, potatoes, and rice, as well as numerous olive groves and vineyards.

Portugal has a rich selection of drinks. The Portuguese produce extremely good wines, thanks to the fact that over 500 grape varieties are grown in Portugal, which also makes it stand out in Europe. This time, our menu will be accompanied by wines from the “San Marzano” winery, chosen to complete the entire experience of a gourmet experience in Portugal.

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