Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Norwegian cuisine!

Norwegian culture values ​​simple, healthy and homemade food, but nowadays Norwegian food is an interesting blend of old and new, due to culinary influences from around the world.

Norwegian cuisine differs in many ways from continental cuisine, with a stronger focus on wild game, fish and seafood that can be caught. One of the fish hits is Norwegian salmon soup. Try this traditional Norwegian fish soup and warm up the cold autumn days.

Feneral has a special place in the hearts of Norwegians. It is a traditional Norwegian cured meat, made from salted and dried leg of lamb or mutton. It is a very popular dish in Norway and is considered one of the 20 national food treasures. Therefore, taste the sheep prosciutto and see for yourself the taste.

Lamb is often used in Norwegian recipes. “Farikol” is a traditional recipe for lamb or mutton from southern Norway. So try one of our specialties, lamb with sauerkraut, and you’ll instantly feel like you’re in Scandinavia.

Another dish that is a prototype of Norwegian cuisine, precisely because of the game, is a rich and thick wild rabbit ragu, which we will serve with homemade pasta.

After lunch, there is nothing left for you but to sweeten yourself with the “Verdens” cake, with vanilla cream and fruit, which the Norwegians say is the national cake of Norway, and they often call it the best cake in the world.

And finally, this month Norwegian cuisine will be complemented by the top wines of Croatian winery Dubrovnik Cellars, with a long tradition that began way back in 1877.

Cheers! We are waiting for you!