Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Serbian cuisine!
Serbian traditional cuisine is a real treasure trove of tastes and smells created by a mixture of influences of various peoples who passed through here, lived in this area, and thus left a mark. As a rule, the dishes are very rich, rich in meat, dairy products, dough, vegetables and fruits.
You will often hear that Serbs “do not recognize” a meal without at least one piece of meat. Bread is also one of the basic ingredients of every meal in Serbia, in addition to being delicious, you can look for the reasons for this presence of bread in tradition and in ancient rituals. The traditional welcome greeting is when bread and salt are brought out in front of the guest.
Meat is prepared in different ways, but the most famous is the preparation on the grill. The most famous barbecue in Serbia is Leskovac. Make sure of its quality by trying the dish from our offer: Leskovačka mućkalica (grilled pork, vegetables and red sauce).
The national fruit of Serbia is the plum from which the widely known brandy is made – plum brandy. You’ve probably tried it, but you may be surprised by the taste of the dessert with this fruit. We recommend the pie with prunes and hazelnuts from our menu.
The production of brandy, beer and wine is represented in Serbia. This time we have chosen the right pearl for you – the Erdevik winery located on the slopes of Fruška Gora. The rich offer of Erdevik winery wine will complete your Serbian gourmet experience.
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