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May in the colors of Greece

20% discount

– “Scent of the Mediterranean” – relax massage with orange essential oil / 50 ‘
4600rsd with discount 3680rsd

– “Mikonos” – facial treatment for hydration with massage Mykonos cryo balls / 20 ‘
2000rsd with discount 1600rsd

– “Touch of the sea” – body treatment with invigorating minerals and algae from the sea depths / 70 ‘
5000rsd with discount 4000rsd


The scent of the Mediterranean – Allow yourself to enjoy a relaxing massage that will take you
relieve stress and tension with refreshing fragrant notes of orange.
Rich in vitamins and minerals, orange oil is extremely beneficial for
dry and sensitive skin that hydrates and rejuvenates. Refreshing citrus scent
it will relieve you of stress and tension, and will restore your energy and strength afterwards
hard day.

Mykonos – Treatment rich in sea minerals with the effect of deep down
Hydration and a dose of vitamins will help your face instantly shine,
it becomes smooth and soft, protected from the harmful effects of the external environment.
Regenerative facial massage with Mykonos cryo-balls brings a feeling of freshness,
stimulates lymphatic drainage and good blood circulation, soothes, cools and
tightens the skin. That your face radiates a healthy glow.

Touch of the sea – Sea minerals are great food for your body. They help yes
deeply cleanses, detoxifies, refreshes and revitalizes the skin. Entered through the skin
minerals penetrate deeper tissues and bloodstream and thus restore the natural pH
balance and regenerate cells. Body lotion and packaging are based on seaweed
in charge of deep detoxification and help in removing cellulite. After
treatment you will be reborn and with new energy, you will feel fresh and
energetic and your skin will be toned and rejuvenated.