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March with playful Mexico

20% discount

-„Yucatan“ –relax massage with cinnamon essential oil/ 50’

4600rsd with discount 3680rsd

-„Pearl of the Caribbean“ – masaža lica sa mineralnom maskom / 20’

2300rsd with discoun 1840rsd

-„Hot chocolate“ – chocolate body candle peeling body treatment / 50’

5000rsd with discount 4000rsd


Yucatan – cinnamon essential oil is highly valued in aromatherapy because it is
used in the fight against exhaustion and mental fatigue and is excellent in the prevention of influenza and
common cold. It stimulates circulation and thus has an anti-inflammatory effect
on the muscles. With a relaxing massage that will relax and release tension
you also get a new dose of energy.

Pearl of the Caribbean – facial massage helps to restore a radiant complexion to your facial skin
as well as muscle tone which slows down the aging process and helps maintain it
youthful appearance. The mask is based on sea minerals. Removes
impurities from the surface of the skin, hydrates it and retains moisture. Thanks to
mineral composition strengthens the protective barrier and activates the natural functions of the skin.
After the treatment, your skin will be regenerated, hydrated and tightened.

Hot chocolate – a treatment for unusual enjoyment of your favorite dessert. Fragrant
the note of chocolate stimulates the secretion of happiness hormones and thus lifts the mood. Fine
the grains exfoliate the skin and the chocolate polyphenols neutralize free radicals and protect it
from premature aging. The warm touch of wax deepens the relaxing effect of the massage
whereby the body is further relaxed. Upon completion of the treatment your skin will be
regenerated and nourished and you completely free of tension.