JUNE – Month of Indonesian cuisine

Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Indonesian cuisine! Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands, so when we talk about their cuisine, it is often said “As many islands, so many different tastes.” Precisely because of the diversity in the tastes of Indonesian dishes, this cuisine is a favorite in the world.

The food is mostly local, fresh and rich in fish, seafood, meat, fantastic tropical fruits, vegetables and an enviable selection of spices.
Rice is also a big part of the Indonesian diet, so the saying came about: “If you didn’t eat rice, you didn’t eat it at all.” Experience the traditional “rice” Indonesian family meal with exotic spicy veal through the dish from our offer “Nasi uduk”.

The art of combining food and wine, when it comes to spicy food, comes to the fore. With Medea wineries, you have no room for error. Relax with a glass of wine and feel even more the charms of this spicy food.

As a sweet finish, we recommend a light dessert “Custard” with fresh seasonal fruit, which will create the right balance for the whole meal. We are waiting for you!