JULY – Month of Brazilian cuisine

Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Brazilian cuisine! What is Brazil famous for? For many, the first associations are football and beautiful women that take your breath away. Our first association is Churrasco – the famous Brazilian barbecue. By eating “Churrasco BBQ” – meat on a skewer with crispy potatoes, we will convince you of the quality of this barbecue.

It is quite difficult to describe a more or less clear and precise picture of Brazilian cuisine – each region of this country has its own characteristics, which are determined by history and geographical location. What they have in common is the consumption of meat, cereals and lots of fruits and vegetables. It is characterized by European, American, African, and more recently Asian (mostly Japanese) influences.

The combination of Asian influence and Brazilian love for fruit led to the creation of sweets that we symbolically called “Bananas de Rio” – their taste will excite your senses, like staying in the mentioned city.

The national drink of Brazil is coffee, but we still decided to be inspired by the young industry in Brazil – the wine industry. So we have selected for you the wines of the winery “Tonković”, which with their assortment perfectly complement the dishes from Brazilian cuisine.

Come and enjoy!