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“Like cotton 90′” – moisturizing treatment based on coconut, minerals and cotton / 90′
6000 RSD with a discount of 4800 RSD

“3 types of tea” – detoxification treatment based on white, green and black tea / 90′
6000 RSD with a discount of 4800 RSD

“Polynesia” – treatment intended for absolute skin care based on sea coral, noni extract and algae / 90′
6000 RSD with a discount of 4800 RSD



“Absolut lift 60′” – facial treatment for skin with poor tone for a lifting effect / 60′
5000RSD with a discount of 4000RSD

“Eternal youth” – facial treatment for skin with deep wrinkles for an anti-aging effect / 60′
5000RSD with a discount of 4000RSD


Like cotton 90’– Imagine skin as soft as cotton? This treatment solves all problems of dry and dehydrated skin, as well as signs of aging caused by lack of moisture. First, a gentle peeling with coconut pulp is done, then a massage with natural mineral wax, which is followed by a warm body pack based on cotton flowers with an intensive hydrating effect. If you allow, we will make your skin soft and velvety, just like cotton.

3 types of tea   A treatment that offers you the beneficial effects of tea in the service of beauty in a completely new way. As part of the treatment, you will enjoy a body scrub, a massage with warm wax and a warm body mask. The basis of the treatment is a precious mixture of white, green and black tea, which protect the body from premature aging while stimulating the process of natural detoxification. The treatment will clean and relax your body, clear your mind and give you energy for the rest of the day, and your skin will hydrate, regenerate and make it smooth and soft.

Polynesia – The motive of “traveling” to Polynesia is relaxation and separation from everything that makes up everyday life, and absolute calming of the spirit, mind and body. The ritual is based on peeling from the core of coconuts and sea corals, ritual massage with modeling gel and final care with cream with pearly shine. The treatment hydrates, tightens and nourishes the skin making it silky soft and shiny.

Absolut Lift 60’– Care for skin with poor tone that needs to restore a healthy glow. It gives a strong lifting effect, tightens and reshapes the contours of the face. The treatment uses a special complex of marine silicon, vitamin C, green algae and minerals with a strong effect on tightening and contouring the face. The serum in combination with a peel off mask with hot-cold effects gives the face a so-called “botox-like” effect. The menthol in the mask quickly lowers the temperature and has the effect of immediate tightening of the facial skin. The skin is tightened and brightened, and small wrinkles on it are visibly smoothed.

Eternal Youth 60′  It is intended for mature skin with pronounced wrinkles. Its powerful combination consists of a complex rich in hyaluronic acid with 3 different molecular masses and a nutritional peel-off mask rich in argan. Anti-aging components penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, fill the lines of wrinkles that become shallower, the skin becomes smoother, it is soft to the touch and its youthful glow returns.