Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Greek cuisine!
Greek cuisine specialties are among the oldest in the world. They are, in addition to a rich history,
stunning sights, seas and beaches are the most common association with Greece.
When Greek food is mentioned, almost everyone first thinks of delicious gyros, but specialties
Greek cuisine implies much more than that. Use olive oil as well as a lot
vegetables, cereals, bread, wine, fish, sheep and goat meat and poultry is common. In addition
of herbs that are abundantly used, olive oil provides a specific aroma and taste to everything
is on the typical Greek menu.
Meat, as well as fish and seafood are used in a large percentage in the diet of Greeks, which is one
Mediterranean state and expects. Sea bream is a fish that has been valued since ancient times. The ancient Greeks
they respected her so much that they dedicated her to Aphrodite – the goddess of love. One such esteemed dish
you can also find it in our menu called: ΤΣΙΠΟΥΡΑ – sea bream cooked in oil for a couple of hours
juniper sauce.
Anyone who has visited this ancient land will be happy to remember pasta and dairy dishes
products and cakes. Be sure to sweeten the Greek dessert we have prepared for you:
KOKAKIA – biscuit dessert with vanilla cream, glazed with chocolate.
Greece is the homeland of wine. The ancient Greeks worshiped the wine god Dionysus. When they traveled and went to
conquests, they did not leave the wine to ripen and wait for their return, but they carried it with them and
so the rest of the world had the opportunity to slowly get acquainted with its charms. Our choice
the wines for you this month are the wines of the KOMUNA winery that will round out your Greek experience.

We are waiting for you!