Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional German cuisine!

German cuisine is truly gourmet. It is characterized by strong and delicious food. A lot of meat is eaten, which is mostly spiced with mustard and rhubarb. Precisely because of this, it is not surprising that the first associations with Germany were mostly – steaks, sausages, pretzels, as well as a large mug of beer.

Sausages are the German national specialty. The Germans learned the art of making sausages from the ancient Romans and today they eat them in huge quantities. The dish “WURST” – German sausage stuffed with cheese with mustard sauce – is a traditional German recipe that you must try.

Desserts are usually light and fruity. Just one such dessert is in our menu under the name: “APFELSTRUDEL” – Apple strudel with cream and vanilla ice cream. Finally, warm up this January with an hour of wine from the Aleksandrović winery and complete this gourmet story.

We are waiting for you!