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December with the friendliness of Norway

Discount 20%

“Polar nights” – relaxation massage with warm oil with the smell of mountain pine / 50′
4600RSD with a discount of 3680RSD

“The Way of the North” – face treatment with refreshing cryo effect / 20′
2300 RSD with a discount of 1840 RSD

“Aurora borealis” – body treatment with mineral peeling and turquoise modeling gel / 70′
5300 RSD with a discount of 4240 RSD


Polar nights – If you are faced with stress and fatigue every day, we highly recommend a massage with the refreshing scent of mountain pine, which will relax and soothe you and at the same time restore freshness and energy in your day.

North Road Treat your face with a rich cocktail made of 112 minerals and microelements with a dose of deep hydration, and a touch of cool balls will make the treatment refreshing and restore your face to youthful freshness.

Aurora borealis – A treatment that will make your skin as soft as silk. Peeling with sea salt, in addition to deep exfoliation, will ensure complete mineralization, and the modeling gel will hydrate, nourish and provide the necessary vitamins. The result of the treatment is regenerated, smooth and velvety soft skin.