Vip Casa Club Spa
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August with the charm of France

Discount 20%

-„City of light“ – relaks masaža uljem sa zlatnim sjajem / 50’
4600rsd sa popustom 3680rsd

-„Mont Blanc“ – refreshing mini facial treatment with emphasis on the area around the eyes / 20′
2000rsd with a discount of 1600rsd

-„Azure Cote“  – luxurious body treatment with minerals and pearl cream / 70′
5000rsd with a discount of 4000rsd


City of Light – is a mild, pleasant massage with citrus-scented oil that will relax you, relieve you of everyday stress and raise your energy for the new day. The oil is enriched with gold particles so that your skin will be bathed in a fine golden glow after the massage.

Mont Blanc – we bring the freshness of the mountain heights to your face. A cooling mask is applied to the area under the eyes to reduce dark circles, reduce puffiness and restore tired skin. The rest of the face receives a mask that hydrates and restores freshness. In combination with a short lymphatic drainage, we will help your face to shine.

Cote d’Azur – treat yourself to moments of luxury. Body treatment consists of peeling and massage. Peeling is based on minerals and algae that deeply mineralize and detoxify your skin, making it clean and soft. Pearl cream is rich in fatty acids, stimulates skin regeneration and deeply nourishes it. After the treatment, your skin will be velvety, and thanks to the presence of pearl powder, it will be covered with a luxurious pearly glow.