Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional Argentinian cuisine!
As Argentina was colonized by the Spaniards several centuries ago, and later it was inhabited en masse by Italians, French and Germans, so its gastronomy is a mix of European cuisines, but in a special, Argentine way.
Argentina is a country that can boast of the longest culinary tradition in this part of the world, whose common features are dishes with corn, potatoes and beans. The main role, however, is played by meat, which is prepared in different ways – on the grill, on a spit, baked, cooked with cereals and plenty of local vegetables and fruits.
One such rich Argentinian dish is ASADO – Slow-roasted beef ribs with sweet potato puree, which you can order this month.
The menus of this open and hospitable people regularly include salads in which different vegetables are combined, such as: tomatoes, onions, eggplant, nuts and seeds, as well as fiery chili.
In addition to the abundance of culinary specialties, you can also drink top quality wines in Argentina. In order to create a completely gourmet Argentine experience, we suggest you take at least one glass of the mentioned drink with your meal. This month, the Virtus winery will make your choice easier, because whichever wine you choose, you won’t go wrong.

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