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April with the blessings of Serbia

20% discount

-„Lilac Valley“ – relax massage with essential oil with the scent of blue lilac / 50 ‘

4600rsd with discount 3680rsd

-„Zlatibor Lakes “ – facial massage and hydrating body pack / 30 ‘

2700rsd with discount 2160rsd

-„Raspberry “ – raspberry body treatment / 70 ‘

5000rsd with discount 4000rsd

Lilac Valley – relax massage with blue lilac essential oil.
In addition to reducing the delicate and sweet scent of lilac, it calms down
inflammatory processes and pain, and helps in recovery after colds and flu.
Relax and enjoy the intoxicating scent that takes your breath away.

Zlatibor Lakes – a short but gentle refreshment for your face and body.
After dry winter days, your skin will finally get hydrated
deserves. While enjoying an exceptional facial massage wrapped in warmth
body wrap you will relax and immerse yourself in a world filled with freshness.

Raspberry – a body treatment that includes detox packaging and massage
raspberry-based peeling. In addition to the intoxicating smell and taste of raspberries
significant role in anti-aging cosmetics. Prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic
an acid that makes our skin sail and healthy. After your treatment
the skin will be clean, soft, rejuvenated and radiant, and the divine scent of raspberries
will bring a fantastic mood and pleasantly fragrant skin.