Visit our restaurant Casa De Vinos and enjoy traditional American cuisine!

It is difficult to answer the question “What is American cuisine like?”. The reason lies in the immigrants from all over the world, who brought customs and traditions from their region with them when they came to the United States. So it was with food – original recipes, secret ingredients, interesting spices made American cuisine diverse and suitable for everyone’s taste.

In general, the first association with American cuisine is the most popular dish – burgers and french fries. Numerous large and small restaurant chains are known for their own combinations and original spices, which is why their burger is “the best in the country”.

If you are looking for a dish that can satisfy the taste of even the pickiest American, we recommend the “Double trouble burger” – Two double burgers with french fries, which you can find in our offer this month.

American pies are famous in the world. They are so loved, that competitions are held to see who makes better. One of the American classics is a lince dough pie with a filling of lime and lemon. You can try this kind of pie with us if you order candy from the menu: “Handsome Jonny”.

Our selection this month are the wines of the Zvonko Bogdan winery, which will complete your American gourmet pleasure.

We are waiting for you!